CovidNow: Sarawak records 367 new Covid-19 infections from July 10-16

KUCHING (July 17): Sarawak recorded a total of 367 new Covid-19 infections from July 10-16, with daily cases maintained at two-digits throughout the week.

According to the Ministry of Health’s CovidNow website, yesterday’s 74 new cases in the state was the highest daily for the week.

The second highest daily was 68 new cases on July 15, followed by 56 new cases on July 13, 49 new cases on July 12, 47 new cases on July 10, and 43 new cases on July 14.

Sarawak recorded the lowest daily cases for the week at 30 on July 11.

These brought the state’s cumulative total infections to 308,699.

Sarawak still had 410 active cases, as of yesterday.

Nationally, the number of new Covid-19 cases continued to breach the 5,000-mark, with 5,047 recorded yesterday.

The country saw a total of 26,335 new infections from July 10-16.

The highest daily for the week was 5,230 new cases on July 15.

Malaysia had 4,098 new cases on July 14, followed by 3,934 new cases on July 13; 3,264 new cases on July 10; 2,417 new cases on July 11; and 2,345 new cases on July 12.

A total of 4,619,045 Covid-19 infections have been recorded nationwide, thus far.

As of yesterday, Malaysia still had 42,281 active cases.

Meanwhile, the intensive care unit (ICU) bed utilisation rate for Covid-19 patients in Sarawak stood at 52.9 per cent.

This was the fifth lowest in the country which national rate was 60.9 per cent.

Other states and territories that recorded ICU bed usage rates below the national rate were Perak (57.1 per cent), Labuan (57.1 per cent), Melaka (45.1 per cent), Penang (42.4 per cent), Perlis (42.1 per cent) and Pahang (40.8 per cent).


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