Sarawak’s latest running number plate series ‘QM_L’ up for bidding

KUCHING (July 8): Sarawak’s latest running number plate series ‘QM_L’ will be up for bidding through Road Transport Department (JPJ) online auction platform, JPJeBid on July 9.

According to the department’s Facebook page, the ‘QM_L’ number plate series auction will be open for tender for five days ending 10pm on July 13 on the JPJeBid website.

Winners of the bid will be announced the following day where bidders are notified of the good or bad news via email or account inbox on the website.

The process of bidding is entirely online as has been on for some time now.

Based on JPJeBid’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), bidders are required to sign up as an individual or a company before they are permitted to view or make a bid on the plate number series available for auction.

“Only Malaysian citizens and locally based companies are allowed to register for an account while companies with records in MySIKAP System are also eligible for the bid,” it said under FAQ section 1.

Subsequently, users of the ‘eBid’ website may bid on any amount of numbers they desire; an individual may only win up to three numbers per series, and companies up to five numbers per series.

Bidders do not have to pay a deposit, however participating bidders must pay a non-refundable service charge of RM10 for the first bid of the lot via a locally issued credit/debit card only (Malaysia) according to the JPJeBID’s FAQ section 11.

Any payment made during the bidding process is considered as a pre-authorised transaction for the chosen number plate lot (akin to an individual paying for a deposit before a hotel check-in).

“The cost for plate number varies based on categories with Regular Number plates is RM300 and Primary Value Number at RM20,000.

“The first bid must be equal to or exceed the minimum price set by category with the minimum increment in accordance to the respective category,” it said under FAQ section 12.

Under FAQ section 14, site users (JPJeBID website) are reminded that they are not allowed to withdraw their bids during the bidding period.

Non-winning bidders of a number plate lot will have their transaction credited back to their bidding credit/debit card after the bidding period concludes (typically a few days) according to FAQ section 21.

“Winners of the auction may proceed to attend or send a representative to claim their plate number at a JPJ office and are required to bring along documents, namely the printed email of winning bid result letter and a copy of the winner’s identity card/company identification.

“A Letter of Offer will also be issued to bidders who won with the final deadline of the vehicle registration 12 months from the date of issue of letter the following day after the bidding period concludes,” it said under FAQ section 24 and 25.

In FAQ Section 28, it says it is important to note the vehicle number that was won by an individual can only be transferred to immediate family members such as parents/spouse/siblings/child.

“This can be done by submitting the birth certificate, marriage certificate and other related documents. The number of vehicles to be won by companies cannot be renamed before being registered to the vehicle,” it said.

JPJeBid is an online auction platform implemented for the Online Vehicle Registration Number Bidding System initiative by JPJ which was first introduced on April 15 2019.


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