CovidNow: Sarawak records 267 new Covid-19 cases from June 5-11

KUCHING (June 12): Sarawak recorded a total of 267 new Covid-19 infections from June 5-11, bringing the state’s cumulative total cases to 306,992.

According to the Ministry of Health’s CovidNow website, the state had 35 new cases yesterday, while June 9 recorded the highest daily new cases at 65.

The number of new infections on June 8 stood at 60, the second highest daily for the week, followed by June 10 (47 new cases), June 7 and June 5 (each with 22 new cases) and June 6 (16 new cases).

This week, the 30-39 age group made up 21.4 per cent of Sarawak’s cases, followed by the 18-29 age group (21 per cent), the 41-49 age group (13.2 per cent), the 50-59 age group (11.7 per cent) and the 60-69 age group (10.1 per cent).

Nationally, a total of 11,096 new Covid-19 cases were recorded from June 5-11.

The number of new cases on June 5 was 1,358, followed by June 6 (1,330 new cases), June 7 (1,128 new cases), June 8 (1,518 new cases), June 9 (1,887 new cases), June 10 (2,166 new cases) and June 11 (1,709 new cases).

To date, Malaysia’s Covid-19 infections tally stood at 4,524,727.

Meanwhile, the intensive care unit (ICU) bed utilisation rate for Covid-19 patients in Sarawak was 50.7 per cent yesterday.

This was the sixth lowest in the country, and below the national rate of 59 per cent.

Selangor topped the ICU bed usage rate table at 79.9 per cent, followed by Klang Valley (75.8 per cent), Kedah (75.3 per cent) and Kuala Lumpur (72 per cent).

Other states that recorded ICU bed utilisation rates below the national rate were Perlis (52.6 per cent), Melaka (52.4 per cent), Sabah (47.8 per cent), Terengganu (47.6 per cent), Penang (45.9 per cent) and Pahang (34.2 per cent).

Labuan showed a zero ICU bed usage rate.


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