Covid-19 (May 9): 2,246 new cases, 1 death

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COVID-19 | The Health Ministry said 2,246 new Covid-19 cases were reported yesterday, bringing the total cumulative infections to 4,461,135.

Active cases stood at 22,368, down 63.8 percent compared to 14 days ago.

New cases according to states are as follows:

Selangor (1,160)
Kuala Lumpur (261)
Penang (151)
Negeri Sembilan (116)
Johor (104)
Perak (97)
Kedah (92)
Malacca (51)
Kelantan (46)
Sarawak (39)
Sabah (38)
Pahang (36)
Terengganu (32)
Perlis (13)
Labuan (6)
Putrajaya (4)

One death attributed to Covid-19 was reported yesterday in Kedah.

Over the past week, an average of 4.1 people were reported to have died of Covid-19, while the average for the past 30 days was 10.1, indicating that such deaths are on the downtrend.

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, a total of 35,584 deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus.

There have been 37 reported Covid-19 deaths this month. For comparison, there were 564 deaths last month and 2,235 in March.

There are 1,065 Covid-19 patients who are hospitalised of which 69 are in intensive care.

The highest number of admissions yesterday was recorded in Johor (140) followed by Selangor (121) and Sabah (49).

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