Raja Bomoh: I Will be in Johor to Keep Covid-19 Away

IPOH: The infamous ‘Raja Bomoh’ whose real name is Ibrahim Mat Zain today said his services are still needed in the upcoming Johor state election to “smoothen” the process and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“I stayed in Johor for five days previously. I prayed for everyone’s safety as well as the political situation and the election in Johor to progress smoothly.

“I won’t go to Johor without an invitation. People are still inviting me, some are politicians, some are VVIPs. They need my services.

“They need me to ‘pagar’ (to contain) Covid-19 in Johor, especially during the state election this March,” Ibrahim told reporters when met outside the Lower Syariah Court here today.

Polling for the Johor state election has been set for March 12, while nomination day is Feb 26 and early voting is on March 8.

Ibrahim said similar ritual had been conducted in the Melaka state election previously and he was grateful as the number of coronavirus cases in the state did not spike.

“We will always find ways… ask from Allah. I will perform (ritual) in Johor. I did it once in Melaka and everyone was spared from getting infected.

“I would like to say thank you to those who supported me. I will be in Johor again this week and the following week, I will conduct (the ritual) in Johor Baru, Simpang Renggam, and other areas in Johor,” he said.

Perak has gazetted a fatwa, in accordance with Section 36 and Section 37 of the Administration of the Religion of Islam (Perak) Enactment 2004 in 2015, banning rituals and practices deemed blasphemous.

It stated that any ritual and practice of blasphemy performed by individual using certain objects or without using any object whether, for medical purposes, blasphemy or otherwise is against Islamic law and haram.

Source: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2022/02/773891/raja-bomoh-i-will-be-johor-keep-covid-19-away

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