Nine Covid-19 Deaths Yesterday

KUALA LUMPUR: Nine Covid-19 patients died yesterday, including two brought-in-dead (BID) cases.

The Health Ministry’s open-data sharing websites CovidNow and Github showed four deaths were reported in Johor and one each in Melaka, Negri Sembilan, Perak, Penang and Terengganu.

The BID cases were reported one each in Johor and Perak. The cumulative death toll now stood at 32,034 including 6,464 BID.

The country also recorded 32 deaths per million people in Malaysia in the past two weeks, with Perak being highest among the states with 64 deaths per million people.

Yesterday, Malaysia’s reported 10,089 new infections, bringing the cumulative tally to 2,914,220 since the pandemic struck in early 2020.

Utilisation of hospital beds and intensive care unit (ICU) beds for Covid-19 patients were also on the rise.

The national average bed utilisation for Covid-19 patients continued to increase to 64.5 per cent on Feb 6, with five states reported beds utilisation to be above 70 per cent.

The highest bed usage is in Kedah with 78.3 per cent followed by Negri Sembilan (75.1 per cent), Melaka (74.5 per cent), Terengganu (73 per cent) and Johor (72.8 per cent).

Bed utilisation for Covid-19 patients in other states was between 30 and 67.2 per cent, with Labuan recording the lowest at 36.3 per cent.

The national average for ICU utilisation rate for Covid-19 cases had also increased to 52.6 per cent yesterday.

Only Kuala Lumpur remained above 70 per cent mark at 76.9 per cent, while the ICU utilisation in remaining states hovered between 8.3 and 68.8 per cent.

The country’s overall active Covid-19 cases had increased to 69,572 after 6,460 recoveries reported yesterday.

Currently, 60,999 people (87.7 per cent) of patients are observing home quarantine, 4,474 (6.4 per cent) receiving treatment at Covid-19 quarantine and treatment centres, 3,962 (5.7 per cent) are hospitalised and the remaining 0.2 per cent are at ICU, housing 66 unventilated and 71 ventilated patients.

On vaccination, the Health Ministry reported 12,361,663 Covid-19 booster shots had been administered, with 52,517 completed yesterday.

To date, 78.8 per cent of the population have received two doses of the vaccine, while 37.9 had received their booster shots.


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