Covid-19: 11 Deaths, Two BID Cases

KUALA LUMPUR: Eleven people died from Covid-19 yesterday, raising the nationwide death toll to 31,655.

According to data from CovidNow and Github, out of the total, two of these fatalities were brought-in-dead (BID) cases.

Highest fatality was recorded in Selangor with six deaths and one death each in Kelantan, Perak, Sabah, Sarawak and Terengganu.

In the past two weeks, Covid-19 deaths that were reported per million people in Malaysia have dropped to seven with Terengganu the highest among the states with 19 deaths per million people.

Malaysia reported 3,251 fresh cases yesterday bringing the overall caseloads to 2,783,331 since the pandemic broke last year.

Hospital bed utilisation showed six states reported utilisation above 70 per cent as of yesterday.

The highest bed usage is in Melaka with 83.6 per cent followed by Kedah at 76.1 per cent.

Bed occupancy in Terengganu is at 74.7 per cent, Johor (71.5 per cent), Negri Sembilan (71.4 per cent) and Kelantan (70.6 per cent).

Bed utilisation for Covid-19 patients in other states was between 34.7 and 69.7 per cent with national average stands at 65.7 per cent.

In terms of intensive care unit (ICU) utilisation rate for Covid-19 cases, two states are above the 70 per cent mark with Purtajaya at 85 per cent and Kuala Lumpur at 75.5 per cent.

The rate at other states was between 41.6 per cent and 68.2 per cent with national average stands at 56.8 per cent.

Overall active Covid-19 cases was 39,776 after 3,161 recoveries reported yesterday.

There are 32,866 people who are observing home quarantine, making up 82.6 per cent of the total active cases in the country.

Authorities recorded 8.1 per cent (3,230) patients are being treated at Covid-19 quarantine and treatment centres (PKRC), 8.6 per cent (3,427) are hospitalised and the remaining 0.6 per cent are at intensive care units (ICU) with 138 unventilated and 115 ventilated.

On vaccination, Malaysia logged 25,645,200 people or 78.5 per cent who have received the full dose of the Covid-19 vaccines, while 376,074 or 1.2 per cent is partially vaccinated and 6,636,126 people have yet to get any vaccines for Covid-19 to date.

The Health Ministry also reported that 7,696,037 booster shots have been administered so far.

Meanwhile, 2,765,273 (87.9 per cent) adolescents have been fully vaccinated while 90,603 (2.9 per cent) is partially vaccinated and 291,624 (9.3 per cent) others remain unvaccinated till date.

Malaysia is expected to reach 80 per cent vaccinated target in 207 days on Aug 4 this year.


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