MoH Continues Monitoring Long Covid-19 Patients

THE Health Ministry (MoH) will continue to monitor former Covid-19 patients who have long Covid-19 symptoms based on the indicators from the Post Covid-19 Management Protocol.

Its deputy minister Datuk Dr Noor Azmi Ghazali yesterday ensured that long Covid-19 patients will continue to receive adequate access for further treatment.

“Most of Covid-19 patients will recover, but there are a small number of them that have to deal with a prolonged condition called ‘long Covid’.

“Among the measures implemented is to ensure adequate medical access across the country,” Dr Noor Azmi told Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

He said long Covid-19 patients will be given an appointment immediately after being discharged from the hospital.

“This is especially to those who are facing certain complications or are expected to have symptoms of long Covid-19.

“They will be given an appointment at a specialist which is suitable for their diagnosis symptoms,” he said.

Meanwhile, patients with chronic or comorbidity diseases such as hypertension and diabetes will be required to undergo follow-up treatments at health facilities as scheduled.

“If they do not have regular follow-up treatment, they will be referred and given appointment at a specific specialist.

“Patients whose symptoms worsen during monitoring will be immediately admitted to the hospital for further treatment,” he stated.

He noted that former Covid-19 patients can also seek treatment at nearby public and private health facilities on a walk-in basis.

According to Dr Noor Azmi, about 19,890 former Covid-19 patients had received appointments and came for follow-up treatment at health facilities as of November.

Besides, MoH has provided comprehensive rehabilitation services in Hospital Sungai Buloh which involves various specialities such as the medical, psychiatric, and mental departments, while Hospital UITM provides comprehensive respiratory treatment.

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