Malaysia Sets New Record with 360 Covid-19 Deaths

Malaysia today recorded a historic high of 360 deaths from Covid-19. ― Picture by Miera Zulyana
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 8 — Malaysia today recorded a historic high of 360 deaths from Covid-19.

The new record in Covid-19 deaths today is just four days after the previous record high of 257 deaths in a day on August 4.

This is the first time that daily Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia has crossed the 300th mark.

The first time that Malaysia crossed the 100th mark in terms of daily Covid-19 deaths was on June 2 at 126 deaths, while the 199 deaths on July 21 almost tipped into the 200th level, with the 207 deaths on both July 26 and July 27 marking the first two times the country crossed the 200th threshold.

Out of the 360 Covid-19 deaths recorded today, most are Malaysian citizens at 296 and the rest are non-citizens at 64.

The highest number of deaths from Covid-19 today were recorded in Selangor at 221, followed by Kuala Lumpur (41), Melaka (20), Perak (17), Penang (15), Johor (14), Kedah (seven), six each in Pahang and Negri Sembilan, five each in Sabah and Terengganu, two in Putrajaya and one in Kelantan.

From the 360 Covid-19 deaths today, 275 were at hospitals, while 85 were brought in dead (56 Malaysians, 29 non-citizens).

A total of 277 of the 360 deceased today had a history of other illnesses.

Including today’s 360 deaths, Malaysia has recorded a total of 10,749 Covid-19 deaths since the pandemic started.

This amounts to 0.85 per cent of the cumulative total 1,262,540 Covid-19 cases recorded so far in the country.

As of today, 81.3 per cent or 1,026,398 Covid-19 cases recorded so far have recovered, which leaves 17.85 per cent or 225,393 cases categorised as active cases.

Out of the 225,393 active cases including 18,688 new cases today, there are 1,095 patients currently treated in intensive care units (ICUs) with 571 of them requiring respiratory support.

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