Focus on Battle Against Covid-19 and Not Politicking, Politicians Urged

KUALA LUMPUR: With Covid-19 still raging, people hope leaders will focus their attention on the battle against the virus.

Cyber security engineer S. Pathmanathan, 36, from Shah Alam said politicians, regardless of political affiliation, must come together to find solutions to help the rakyat.

He said leaders should put their heads together and discuss ways to end the growing number of Covid-19 cases.

“Months of lockdowns have not been beneficial in addressing the pandemic because the cases have doubled, if not tripled, since its implementation.

“The rakyat are suffering. Many are resorting to selling food by the roadside to make ends meet. Most Malaysians, including myself, are starting to lose faith in the government.”

He said those in power, especially ministers, should do some brainstorming to find solutions to the pandemic.

“With hundreds of deaths being recorded daily, it seems like we are losing the battle against Covid-19 because those who are supposed to lead are either incompetent or too busy trying to wrest power.”

He pleaded with politicians to go to the ground and see the suffering faced by the rakyat.

“Yes, for food we can help one another in the spirit of ‘Kita Jaga Kita’, but what about other needs? How long can a family survive eating only dry foodstuff?”

Trader Nurul Atikah Hairi, 24, urged elected representatives to go to the ground and find out what people needed.

“Some families cannot even put food on their table. This is not the time for fighting with one another,” she said.

Meanwhile, mini market operator, Penny Chen, offered a different view on the situation.

She hoped everyone could remain calm despite these challenging times.

She also hoped all Malaysians would help out each other, and not rely solely on government handouts to overcome their predicament.


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