Best Thing to Do Now is to Work Together to Tackle Covid-19 Pandemic, Says Ti

GOPENG: Sensitive statements, especially regarding race and religion, made by individuals on social media should not be perceived as the voice of any group or community, says Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker.

The Deputy National Unity Minister said the current pandemic affected everyone regardless of race, religion or status.

He said many people were suffering stress, and faced difficulties, so the best thing to do right now was to work collectively to handle the situation.

“Thus there are individuals sitting at home frustrated, and they sometimes post sensitive comments, but people must look at it as a statement made by an individual, and not represent the whole community.

“What is more important now is for people to get vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, so that we are able to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus,” he told reporters after visiting the Guan Yin Temple here Tuesday (Aug 3).

Ti also said that in Malaysia, all the races have been living in harmony and peace all this time, and that spirit must continue despite the pandemic.

“We must all cooperate, as the virus does not see race, religion, status or your position.

“So when someone posts such inappropriate comments, the authorities are there to investigate, but what is more important is to get to the root of the cause,” he added.

Ti also said that when Covid-19 clusters are detected, it is not right to point fingers according to race or religion.

“We are all exposed to the virus and, for now, it is best for us to keep safe and continue to follow all the standard operating procedures,” he added.

Earlier, he had visited a Hindu temple in Ipoh, followed by the Guan Yin temple in Gopeng, where his team members made an assessment on the amount of funds required from the ministry for maintenance purposes.

He said the ministry received over 1,200 applications from the various non-Islamic places of worship nationwide for the grant.

“For the first phase, the ministry will allocate RM20mil, before getting an additional RM30mil.

“For places of worship that meet the criteria, grants will be handed over once the assessment is done,” he added.


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