Covid-19: 174 Active Clusters in Johor, More Than Half Workplace-Related

JOHOR BARU: There are presently 174 active Covid-19 clusters in Johor with more than half of them involve workplaces or industries.

State Health and Environment committee chairman R. Vidyananthan said that industries contributed 57% of all cases, community infections (17%), institutions (16%), supermarkets (6%), detention centres (3%) and import clusters (1%).

“Presently Johor Baru continues to be the main contributor for cases with 43% followed by Muar (13%) and Kulai (11%),” he said, adding that, to date, the state had recorded a total of 90,683 Covid-19 cases and 927 deaths.

Vidyananthan said that on Saturday (July 31) alone, there were 1,144 new cases in the state and 30 deaths.

He said one of the main factors for the increase in cases were workers staying in dormitories or hostels, increased Covid-19 testing at industrial areas and social activities involving festivals and funerals.

“This sadly shows the complacent attitude of society and not taking the proper precautions against the virus,” he added.

He added that presently, the enhanced movement control order was in force on three areas, namely Kg Pertanian and Kg Separa in Kulai involving 1,166 residents, Felda Maokil in Muar involving 691 people and a construction site workers’ dormitory in Bukit Perdana in Kluang involving 61 people.

“Kg Pertanian and Kg Separa have recorded a total of five deaths with 100 positive cases while Felda Maokil has three deaths with 367 positive cases.

“The one in Kluang has no deaths but has 26 positive cases,” he said.

On the state’s vaccination status, Vidyananthan said that so far 1,088,737 people had received their first dose and 430,907 have completed both doses.


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