Total Vaccine Jabs Cross 10 Million Landmark

The total number of vaccine jabs administered since the start of the country’s massive vaccination programme in February topped 10 million yesterday, with second doses accounting for about a third of the shots given.

A total of 10,036,361 shots had been given as of July 7, of which 6,999,554 were first doses and 3,036,807 were second doses.

Yesterday alone, 375,843 jabs were administered, a new daily record. Of these, 207,795 were first doses and 168,047 were second doses.

At 43,834, Sarawak led in terms of the number of second doses given. It was followed by Selangor (30,964), Kuala Lumpur (20,784), Johor (14,146) and Sabah (11,535).

Meanwhile Selangor led in terms of the overall number of second doses, with 421,384 shots given so far. It was followed by Sarawak (401,408), Kuala Lumpur (290,256), Sabah (265,407) and Kedah (205,920).


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