Daily Vaccinations Record High At 340,000

PETALING JAYA: Daily vaccinations hit a new record high of 340,043 yesterday, as the national Covid-19 immunisation programme (PICK) continues to pick up steam.

Some 206,757 people got their first dose of the vaccine yesterday while 133,286 were administered their second dose, according to the Covid-19 vaccine supply access guarantee special committee (JKJAV).

In total, 9,660,519 vaccine doses have been administered since PICK began, with 12.3% of the adult population or 8.8% of the total population already fully vaccinated.

Vaccinations exceeded the 300,000-a-day mark for the first time yesterday, which Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said was in line with Putrajaya’s projections.

As of yesterday, Putrajaya had the highest rate of fully vaccinated individuals in its total population with 26.8%, followed by Labuan (19.2%), Perlis (18.2%), Kuala Lumpur (15.2%) and Sarawak (12.7%).

Selangor was the lowest among all states with only 6% of the total population being fully vaccinated.

Source; https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2021/07/07/daily-vaccination-record-high-at-340000-selangor-total-at-6-only/

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