State Sticks To Policy Of Swab Test Before Entering Sarawak

KUCHING: Sarawak will continue to implement its policy of undergoing a RT-PCR swab test three days prior to entering the state.

Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) stated that the policy which was effective on June 28 is crucial in preventing Covid-19 positive cases from entering Sarawak.

“A family of eight recently intended to enter Sarawak on July 1, but prior screening as required by this policy found that six of the family members were Covid-19 positive.

“This shows how this policy is crucial in preventing positive cases from entering Sarawak. It is also to reduce the risk of infections to the airport staff as well as the other passengers and crew on the same aircraft,” it said in a statement on Sunday (July 4).

The committee added that it will re-evaluate the entry procedure into Sarawak with the State Health Department from time to time based on the development of the Covid-19 situation within and outside of the country.

It noted that the measure is pertinent especially with local cases of Delta variant SARS-CoV which have been detected in ten states and federal territories.

Meanwhile, the committee said that the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) will be enforced at three locations in Sri Aman district from July 5 to 11.

The three locations are Rumah (Rh) Majeng, Kampung Po Ai; Rh Kedeni, Kampung Batu Besi and Rh Mengga, Kampung Batu Besai.

The committee also said that the EMCO has been lifted at six locations in Dalat district on Sunday (July 4).

The six locations in Batang Oya, Dalat district are Rh Bala Umba, Rh Tulu Sli, Rh Duah Entinggi, Rh Balin Gema, SK St Luke and KK Nangga Baoh.

The EMCO in Rh Lawang, Sungai Kura and Rh Ijau, Kusing in Pakan district will be lifted on Monday (July 5).


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