Private Hospital Nurses To Help At Government Hospitals

PETALING JAYA: Private hospitals have pledged to send trained nurses to selected government facilities to assist in managing the high number of Covid-19 patients.

Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia president Dr Kuljit Singh said the move would be the first step, with other medical personnel to be supplied in the future.

“Private hospitals have been assisting the country since last year in managing the pandemic by providing ventilators and conducting Covid-19 testing, and treating Covid-19 patients since January this year,” he said.

Large private hospital groups had also been actively involved in Covid-19 vaccinations, although they were also short of manpower, he said.

Kuljit said association members have been urged to be prepared to accept decanted non-Covid patients if the government needs to clear ICU space to handle an influx of Covid-19 patients, as mentioned by health minister Dr Adham Baba today.

He said the association hoped that decanted patients would be equally distributed to all private hospitals and that the costs of treatment would be fully paid by the government under the Emergency Ordinance.


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