Number Of Fully Vaccinated Tops 1.6 Million

A total of 1,612,974 individuals had received both doses of Covid-19 vaccine as of yesterday, Health Minister Dr Adham Baba said today.

In a Twitter post, he said a total of 4,202,601 individuals or 12.9% of the population in the country had received a first dose, bringing the total number of doses administered so far to 5,815,575.

Selangor has the highest number of recipients who have completed both doses with 208,031, followed by Sarawak (186,008), Johor (167,469), Perak (150,000) and Kuala Lumpur (141,094).

On the daily vaccinations under the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme, Adham said a total of 140,573 doses were administered yesterday, involving 116,514 first-dose recipients and 24,059 recipients of the second dose.

A total of 15,426,982 vaccine registrations were recorded as of yesterday.


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