Stricter Lockdown Needed to Control Covid-19 Spike

KUALA LUMPUR: Lockdown Selangor is now trending with most Netizens conceding that the writing is on the wall.

This follows the Health Ministry’s announcement yesterday that new cases breached 6,000 while the state logged more than two thirds of the caseload.

On Facebook, Edmond D.S posted that 6,075 cases was a new record and the whole country should be put under a strict lockdown.

In the thread he pointed out that options had run out.

“Chances are we will hit 10,000 cases a day.”

Rachil Dev Kaur posted: “Who’s with me for a total lockdown for a good 2 weeks to curb the current disastrous situation?”

The customer service executive at a medical centre here remarked on the general situation facing public health care by weaving in hashtags such as “justlikeMCO1.0, thisneedstoend and #nomorebed” into the posts.

Many netizens were also confused on whether there would be a strict lockdown due to Selangor’s rejection of the outcome. Added to the chorus is a rumour that a curfew would be imposed in states with a high number of cases.

At 5pm more than 8,000 people were talking about lockdown Selangor on Facebook. Some posted parody videos, others cursed and businesses lamented about lean days ahead.

Ezmee Azuan suggested a middle ground over Selangor’s hesitance to institute a full lockdown in the interest of the economy.

“The health ministry can announce the lockdown while the Selangor government can give families RM5,000 throughout the lockdown. The problem would solve itself in real life and on FB.”

Public health expert Dr Malina Osman publically appealed to the National Security Council to implement a total lockdown in the country by implementing MC01.0 strategy.

“We need to prevent more people from dying and the health services from crippling,” said the epidemiologist from Universiti Putra Malaysia’s on her Facebook.

On Twitter, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur consultant pulmonologist Dr Helmy Haja Mydin said at this point in time, keeping businesses open helped the virus spread, “which helps worsen the pandemic, which helps shut down the economy, which helps increase unemployment”.

“You can help by providing an appropriate social safety net and establishing a loan moratorium,” he added.


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