Covid-19: Bosses in Selangor Can Now Buy Vaccine for Their Staff

KLANG: Employers can now buy the Covid-19 vaccine for their workers through the Selangor government.

Exco member in charge of public health Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud said interested employers can register to buy the vaccines through the state’s SELangkah application.

“SELangkah has opened registration to companies that are interested to get the vaccines for their workers, ’’ said Dr Siti Mariah.

The Selangor government has allocated some RM100mil to help expedite the National Immunisation Programme.

Meanwhile, Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari announced Monday (May 17) that more beds and intensive care unit (ICU) apparatus will be provided to treat Covid-19 patients in the state.

“I have been informed by the Selangor Health Department about the increase in ICU apparatus, as well as the number of beds for Covid-19 patients in Selangor.

“A total of 300 beds and an ICU ward will be provided, and 1,300 beds will be added at MAEPS Serdang, ’’ Amirudin said in a statement after chairing the Selangor Security Council special committee meeting on Monday.

The recent spike of Covid-19 cases in Selangor has become a major concern for the state government.

The increase in the number of Covid-19 patients in Selangor has resulted in over capacity at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), which is being used as the Covid-19 Integrated Quarantine and Treatment Centre (PKRC).

Other measures initiated by the state government include MAEPS Serdang being used to treat patients from Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

This, said Amirudin, was because other states such as Negri Sembilan, Melaka, Pahang and Johor had decided to set-up Covid-19 Assessment Centres (CACs) as well.

Amirudin added the state government has agreed to provide 150 volunteers consisting of civil servants, local council enforcement officers, the state medical provider Selcare’s medical staff, as well as private university medical students to improve the CAC operations at Malawati Stadium.

“The increase in volunteers will help traffic management, managing Covid-19 patients as well as patient evaluation, ’’ said Amirudin.

He added the state government has also agreed to set-up a call centre, which will be handled by medical volunteers, to carry out home assessment to decrease the burden at the Malawati Stadium CAC.

Amirudin said this was because statistics indicated that 48% of those who went to the Stadium Malawati Stadium CAC were there to remove the quarantine bracelets to end their home quarantine stint.

Given this, said Amirudin, beginning next week, the state government will operate a special counter for the purpose of cutting the pink bracelet to end home quarantine.

“This is to reduce the crowding at the Malawati Stadium CAC and at the same time, to reduce the risk of infection for those who have completed their quarantine, ’’ he added.

He said the third initiative was to allow private clinics and medical facilities to issue the home surveillance orders.

This would allow the private clinics to administer the pink quarantine bracelet to those who are positive or have had close contact with infected people, said Amirudin.

“With this implementation, Covid-19 patients need not be present at the district CACs but can go to these private CACs, ’’ said Amirudin.

He added the names of the 65 general practitioners who have been given the green light to implement the home surveillance order will be announced at a later date.


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