Covid-19 (April 25): 2,690 New Cases, Above 2k for 11th Consecutive Day

Today, the Health Ministry reported 2,690 new Covid-19 cases, the 11th consecutive day where fresh infections are above 2,000.

Three states, namely SelangorSarawak and Kelantan, again made up the bulk of the new cases, contributing almost two-thirds of the latest infections.

Other states and federal territory to see a three-digit increase in new cases are Kuala LumpurJohorSabah and Penang.

The new infections comprised 89.11 percent Malaysians and 10.89 percent non-citizens.

The Klang Valley accounted for 36.17 percent (973 cases) of new infections, while East Malaysia made up 26.73 percent (719 cases) of the fresh infections.

The number of active cases continued to rise as new infections outpaced recoveries. A total of 1,853 recoveries were reported today.

  • Active cases: 23,753
  • Patients in ICUs: 283
  • Intubated: 121


There were 10 fatalities today, bringing the death toll to 1,436.

The new deaths were recorded in Kuala Lumpur (3), Sarawak (3), Sabah (2), Penang (1) and Selangor (1).

Those who died were aged between 60 and 91.

for a detailed breakdown of the reported deaths today, please refer to our Covid-19 tracker site.

New cases by states

Selangor (751)
Sarawak (595)
Kelantan (424)
Kuala Lumpur (217)
Johor (159)
Sabah (121)
Penang (117)
Kedah (76)
Perak (64)
Negeri Sembilan (57)
Malacca (42)
Pahang (33)
Terengganu (25)
Putrajaya (5)
Labuan (3)
Perlis (1)


A total of 351 out of 1,591 clusters are still active. From the active clusters, 66 of them contributed to the new cases today.

This includes the eight clusters reported today as well as another nine that were declared resolved.

The resolved clusters are: Paya Bemban, Jalan Indah Gemilang Satu, Industri Permata, Jalan Tenteram, Jalan Gemilang Tiga, Teluk Air Tawar, Jalan Hang Tuah, Jalan Perdana and Persiaran Jaya.

Notably, three out of the eight new Covid-19 clusters involved education institutions.

The Health Ministry categorise education-related clusters into two, namely those that are run by the government which are categorised as “Education Ministry institution” and other institutions which are just labelled as “Education”.

Another noteworthy cluster today is one involving workers at a dam, the first of its kind.

Details of the new clusters are as follow:

Putai cluster
District(s): Kapit and Bukit Mabong in Sarawak
Locality/Source: A dam at Putai, Kapit
Cluster category: Workplace
First case: April 19
Total infected: 243 out of 358 screened

Ladang Paris Dua cluster
District(s): Kinabatangan in Sabah
Locality/Source: A plantation at Kampung Paris 2, Kinabatangan
Cluster category: Workplace
First case: April 22
Total infected: 13 out of 103 screened

Jalan Melaka Raya cluster
District(s): Melaka Tengah in Malacca
Locality/Source: A restaurant at Jalan Melaka Raya 8, Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka Tengah
Cluster category: Workplace
First case: April 21
Total infected: 10 out of 26 screened

Jalan Bukit Naga cluster
District(s): Klang and Petaling in Selangor
Locality/Source: A school at Jalan Bukit Naga, Shah Alam, Petaling
Cluster category: Education Ministry institution
First case: April 19
Total infected: 18 out of 127 screened

Jalan Kuala Garing cluster
District(s): Gombak in Selangor
Locality/Source: A school at Jalan Kuala Garing, Rawang, Gombak
Cluster category: Education Ministry institution
First case: April 24
Total infected: 5 out of 230 screened

Halban Dua cluster
District(s): Kota Bharu in Kelantan
Locality/Source: An education institution at Mukim Padang Halban, Melor, Kota Bharu
Cluster category: Education
First case: April 18

Total infected: 63 out of 81 screened

Pagar Sri Lalang cluster
District(s): Kluang in Johor
Locality/Source: A detention centre at Sri Lalang, Kluang
Cluster category: Detention centre
First case: April 23
Total infected: 16 out of 35 screened

Rayang cluster
District(s): Serian in Sarawak
Locality/Source: Kampung Rayang, Serian
Cluster category: Community
First case: April 7
Total infected: 50 out of 1,305 screened


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