Malaysia Doing Well in Covid-19 Performance Index

LETTER: From local and foreign newspapers’ reports, the government seems to be doing well in handling the Covid-19 pandemic thus far.

I was overjoyed to have read this latest Covid-19 performance index report dated March 13, 2021, from Lowy Institute, an Australian think tank with a global outlook, that placed Malaysia on the 17th spot from 102 countries in managing or handling the pandemic.

It said Malaysia is still doing pretty well, with its efforts ahead of countries like Finland, Norway, South Korea, Greece, Germany and Canada. This only points to how well Malaysia has been in managing the pandemic, unlike what is being accused of the Perikatan Nasional-led government via that hashtag #Kerajaangagal which trended on Twitter the past few weeks.

What everybody should do now during this crucial period is to stop endless politicking and bashing of the government but, instead, be with the government in the fight against the pandemic. It is never too late to come out with new strategies and ideas, to help eliminate the virus.

Netizens, on their part, should do the same. Be sensible and appreciate what the government has done and is still doing to win this war. Stop blaming the government for everything. We must never lose hope or wave the white flag in this Covid-19 battle.

The upward trend is quite predictable, coupled with the unknowns, but we must never give up. The authorities are still fighting the battle and so, do we. We must accept in good faith that the emergency imposed will greatly enhance and improve the overall situation caused by the pandemic.

Self-appoint yourself as ambassadors or anti-Covid-19 fighters. Start uploading postings or messages that could benefit the people and your loved ones and ensure their health and safety, instead. We all have nothing to lose but gain, socially, politically and economically, and are set for a rebound if we are able to sail through this global health crisis, together.

Let us fulfil our prime minister’s wish for all Malaysians to continue working together with the government through the recovery phase of this pandemic and in reviving the nation’s economy despite these immense challenges.

The government has done its best to strike a fine balance between protecting lives and livelihoods through various bold and proactive steps and measures such as the implementation of the restrictive travel measures.

And at the same time, it has introduced various packages of economic stimuli to ease the burden of the people as well as ensure business continuity, with spending of more than RM600 billion.

It has also carried out fair and equitable treatment for all Malaysians via various consolidation initiatives across racial, religious and regional boundaries. While it is focusing on on-going efforts to overcome the problem and revive the national economy, let us all play our respective roles to see that we can be together in this fight against the pandemic. Protect yourself, protect everyone.


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