Covid-19: About 40 Kampar businesses temporarily close to ‘Stop the Chain’ of infection

KAMPAR: About 40 business premises here have been temporarily shuttered in their bid to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

They are part of the “Stop the Chain” campaign started by a businessman in response to the increase in cases in the district.

The businessman in his 30s, who wants to remain anonymous, said all these premises would be closed from April 16 to Thursday (April 22).

“When I started it, it was only meant to protect my own staff, as I felt the situation here was not that good. Kampar town is not a big place and everyone is bound to bump into one another,” he said when contacted Monday (April 19).

“Other businessmen then heard about what I was doing, felt it was a good idea and decided to do the same. This is not a district-wide campaign; it is only among some of the businesses here,” he added.

Among the premises involved are entertainment outlets, eateries, gyms, salons, sports centres and beauty parlours.

Kampar is now categorised as an “orange” zone with 36 active cases, following a steep surge over the past few days.

Twenty-seven cases were linked to the Jalan Canning Estate cluster that broke out in Ipoh last week. So far, the cluster has 183 cases.

The businessman, who owns six business premises, said there was also negative perception from the public on the movement.

He said some people were speculating that there were Covid-19 cases at the respective shops, forcing the temporary closure.

“There’s only so much I can control so this does not concern me much. I’ve sent my staff for checks and all their results are negative,” he said.

“I will see how the situation goes. If there’s still no improvement, I will probably continue to close my shops for another week,” he added.


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