SDMC has taken all ‘necessary steps’ to curb Covid-19 in Sarawak, says Uggah

KUCHING (Apr 11): The State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has taken all the necessary steps to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Sarawak, said its chairman Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas.

He explained that the committee’s role was mainly to issue standard operating procedure (SOP) guidelines, enforce laws and monitor the implementation of SOPs while the Sarawak government has also provided the necessary allocation for operations to tackle the spread of the infectious disease.

“Once again, Covid-19 positive cases in Sarawak have increased significantly leading to some people blaming SDMC on social media for the rise in cases.

“Looking at the current situation, SDMC has taken steps and allocations have been provided by the government to curb the spread of Covid-19,” he told a press conference.

The Deputy Chief Minister pointed out that the situation can only be controlled with cooperation from all parties, including the local communities who each have their respective role to play to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

“SDMC has issued the guidelines for social events and these should always be complied with.

“Too many lives have been lost and victims have suffered as a result of this disease. That should be a lesson to all of us,” he stressed.

He also touched on the lockdown of villages across the state where 407 longhouses were placed under lockdown this year to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases.

“At present, only 48 longhouse areas are still under lockdown. This shows that the situation in rural areas seem to be under control.

“But whether this can continue or not depended on the people themselves as they must continue to adhere to the SOPs, remain cautious so that the virus does not spread in their respective areas,” he said.

With Sarawak being hit by three Covid-19 waves throughout last year, Uggah reiterated his call for the people to remain vigilant and engage in a ‘safety first’ attitude to ensure that the disease does not continue to spread.

“Please do not be complacent and careless and do take care of your health as well as your family.


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