KUCHING (Apr 4): Sarawak reported 419 new Covid-19 cases today after a new cluster dubbed the Tembok Cluster was identified at a prison in Sri Aman, said State Disaster Management Committee chairman Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas.

In a breakdown of the new cases, Uggah said a total of 159 new cases were reported in Sri Aman, Bintulu (57), Sibu (54), Miri (34), Sarikei (32), Serian (17), Meradong, (17), Marudi (9), Beluru (8), Kanowit (5), Kapit (5), Saratok (5), Julau, (4), Sebauh (3), Kuching (3), Matu (2), Lawas (2), Mukah (1), Selangau (1), and Dalat (1).

“The new cases of 419 today are the second highest daily reported new cases in the state as of date. From the 419 new cases, a total of 159 cases in Sri Aman were detected in a Sri Aman prison centre,” he said.

He said the latest outbreak in Sri Aman prison was similar to the drastic increase in positive cases that was previously detected in Semuja Immigration Depo at the end of last month.

On March 28, a record high of 426 positive cases were reported in the state due to an outbreak at the Semuja Immigration Depo.

However, Uggah assured the latest high number of cases does not indicate a widespread outbreak in the state and the outbreak was currently being contained at Sri Aman prison centre.

With the new cases reported today, he said the cumulative positive cases in the state now stands at 17,554.

Aside from the Tembok Sri Aman Cluster which 159 new cases were reported at the prison, Bulatan Aman Cluster, Jalan Kampung Hilir Cluster and Jalan Sanyan Cluster in Sibu had reported nine, three and one new cases respectively today, Jalan Baji Cluster in Sarikei (27), Batu Gong Cluster in Serian (11), Sungai Mupong Cluster and Tanjung Genting Cluster in Meradong reported nine and four new cases respectively, Jalan Kingsway Cluster in Marudi (9), Gelong Cluster in Kapit (1) and Sungai Rassau Cluster in Matu (2).

Moreover, Uggah pointed out there were 2,920 patients currently receiving treatments in the state and 419 person-under-investigation (PUI) had been reported today. None are still waiting for their laboratory results.

Sibu Hospital and the PKRC in the district are currently treating 613 patients, Miri Hospital and PKRC (495), Bintulu Hospital and PKRC (603), Sarawak General Hospital and PKRC (367), Semuja Immigration Depo PKRC, Serian (193), Serian PKRC (154), Sarikei Hospital and PKRC (169), Kapit Hospital and PKRC (66), Betong Hospital and PKRC (24), Sri Aman Hospital and PKRC (45), Sri Aman prison PKRC (156), Mukah PKRC (28), Limbang Hospital (4) and Lawas PKRC (3).

Based on a statement from SDMC, there is a total of 20 patients requiring ventilator support in their treatments currently, while 17 patients are being treated in intensive care units (ICUs).

On a separate note, the committee stated a total of 663 person-under-surveillance (PUS) had registered to undergo quarantine in the state today.

Source: https://www.theborneopost.com/2021/04/04/covid-19-sarawak-records-419-new-cases-after-new-cluster-detected-at-sri-aman-prison/