KUCHING (Mar 21): The State Health Department has declared an end to the Sebangkoi Cluster in Sri Aman after no new Covid-19 cases were recorded in this cluster in the last 28 days, said Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) today.

The last reported case for Sebangkoi Cluster was on Feb 21. As of that day, the total number of cases originating from the cluster was 34 with 564 individuals already been screened.

The Sebangkoi Cluster was detected on Feb 5. It had started from a family, which then spread to the community involving close contacts and social contacts of the index case in Sebangkoi area, Undop in Sri Aman District.

The index case for this cluster was a 59-year-old Sarawakian woman who was screened for experiencing signs and symptoms on Jan 29 and was referred to Sri Aman Hospital from a health clinic in Batu Lintang, Sri Aman.

Despite the end of Sebangkoi Cluster, SDMC cautioned in its daily Covid-19 update that 34 Covid-19 clusters still remain active in Sarawak.

Twelve of these clusters continued to report new cases today, with the highest number of nine cases recorded under the Kampung Hilir Cluster in Sibu.

This brings the total number of positive cases under this cluster to 53, after 1,664 individuals were tested out of which 1,238 were negative and 373 others were still waiting test result.

The Sungai Bakong Cluster (Meradong) recorded eight new cases bringing the total to 206 cases. A total 1,579 had been tested, out of which 1,372 were negative and one still waiting test result.

Five new cases were recorded under Jalan Muhibbah Cluster (Betong) bringing the total number to 360, after 3,300 were tested out of which 2,888 were negative and 52 yet to receive test result.

The Emperoh Jambu Cluster (Kuching) also recorded five new cases, bringing the total to 342 cases. A total 2,500 had been tested, out of which tested negative were 2,122 and still pending test results were 35.

There were also five new cases under the Tanjung Genting Cluster (Meradong) bringing the total to 27. This was after 66 were tested, of which 39 were negative.

Three new cases were recorded respectively under Jalan Sanyan Cluster in Sibu (32 total cases), Jalan Merpati Cluster in Miri (93 total cases) and Sena Cluster in Miri (86 total cases)

Two new cases were recorded respectively under Sungai Atap Cluster in Meradong (148 total cases), Begalak Cluster in Song (71 total cases) and Jalan Green Cluster in Kuching (33 total cases).
The Buloh Pasi Cluster (Meradong) recorded only new case, bringing the total cases to 22.

The Semuja Immigration Depot Cluster (Serian) did not report any new cases for this day, and so are the other 21 clusters and one sub-cluster.

Source: https://www.theborneopost.com/2021/03/21/covid-19-sebangkoi-cluster-comes-to-an-end-34-active-clusters-remain-in-swak/