KUCHING (Mar 14): Sarawak recorded one Covid-19 fatality and 178 new positive cases today, said the  State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) in its daily update statement.

SDMC said the 90th death involved a 61-year-old local male who was admitted to Sibu Hospital as he exhibited symptoms such as flu, coughing and respiratory complications.

“The rT-PCR test was conducted on Feb 22 and he was found positive on Feb 23. It is found that his health was deteriorating, and he was declared dead on March 14.

“He had comorbidities such as diabetes and nasopharynx cancer,” the committee said.

With 178 new positive Covid-19 cases detected today, this brings the total cumulative number of cases to 12,451.

SDMC said 35 cases were detected in Bintulu, Miri (32), Sibu (27), Song (23), Kuching (21), Kapit (18), Meradong (4), Sri Aman (4), Kanowit (3), Lawas (2), Samarahan (2), Betong (1), Julau (1), Mukah (1), Pusa (1), Sebauh (1), Serian (1) and Tatau (1).

Out of the total number of cases, 20 had exhibited symptoms and experienced Covid-19 infection symptoms when swab test was conducted.

Some 134 cases consist of individuals who were given quarantine orders in the designated quarantine centres – of which 125 of them were close contacts to positive cases, six were individuals returned from overseas and three were individuals who returned from high risk areas

Out of Bintulu District’s 35 cases, 24 are individuals screened through Active Case Detection (ACD), five were from screening of individuals returning from overseas involving four Sarawakian locals and one Filipino, five from screening of individuals present at healthcare centre, and one involving the screening of individual who exhibited symptoms.

Out of total cases in Miri District, 27 were detected from ACD, three from screening of individuals with symptoms and two from individuals present at healthcare centre.

Out of total 27 cases in Sibu, 14 were detected from ACD, seven involve individuals present in healthcare centre, three involve individuals exhibiting symptoms, one detected from Kiba Cluster, one involve a healthcare worker at a health facility and one involve individual returning from overseas.

Of the 18 cases in Kapit, 11 were detected from ACD, three from Pasai Cluster, two from Gelong Cluster, and two were screened from individuals present at healthcare centre.

All four cases in Meradong were detected from Sungai Bakong Cluster. Out of four cases in Sri Aman, three were from ACD and one detected from Jalan Main Bazaar Cluster.

The three cases in Kanowit involve individuals who are present at healthcare centres; the two cases in Lawas were detected from the Sena Cluster, and out of the two cases in Samarahan, one detected from Emperoh Jambu Cluster and one detected from ACD.

The cases detected in Serian, Tatau and Sebauh were detected from ACD; the case in Pusa were detected from Melor Cluster, the case in Betong detected from Jalan Muhibbah Cluster, the case in Julau involve Bukit Tunggal Cluster, and the case in Mukah involve an individual who exhibited symptoms.

Meanwhile, SDMC said there were 172 new recoveries and discharges today, with Sibu Hospital recorded 61 recoveries and discharges, Miri Hospital (30), Sarawak General Hospital (21), Bintulu Hospital (21), PKRC under Kapit Hospital (14), PKRC Betong (14) and Sarikei Hospital (11).

This brings the total recoveries and discharges to 9,987 or 80.21 percent from the total Covid-19 cases in the state.

There are a total of 2,328 active cases that are still receiving treatment and isolated in PKRS and hospital wards, of which 755 cases were in Sibu Hospital and PKRC Sibu; Hospital Miri and PKRC Miri (410 cases), Bintulu Hospital and PKRC Bintulu (325), SGH and PKRC Kuching (263), Betong Hospital and PKRC Betong (195), 191 in Kapit Hospital and PKRC in Kapit, 125 cases in Sarikei Hospital and PKRC Sarikei, 21 cases in PKRC Mukah, 20 cases in Sri Aman Hospital and PKRC Sri Aman, 18 cases in PKRC Serian, three cases in Limbang Hospital and two cases in PKRC Serian.

Today, there were 178 new Patient Under Investigation (PUIs) detected.

Source: https://www.theborneopost.com/2021/03/14/covid-19-1-death-178-new-cases-in-sarawak-today/