BioNTech founder believes Covid-19 vaccine effective against new mutant virus in UK

MAINZ, Germany (Dec 22): The question of whether Covid-19 vaccines work against the new coronavirus mutant has been raised in recent days across the world after the emergence of a new coronavirus strain in the UK.

Founder of German biotechnology company BioNTech Ugur Sahin answered this question speaking to the Anadolu Agency Video News (AAVN) during a video call via zoom in the evening yesterday.

 Sahin said that they believe that his company’s Covid-19 vaccine co-developed with Pfizer will be effective against the mutant virus.

“We are not anxious that our vaccine will not work,” said Sahin.

He said “This not the first mutated virus. There have been various mutations before. We’ve checked all of those past mutations and we don’t consider it as a problem.”

Sahin said there is not much information about the new variant of coronavirus which is said to be more infectious as no scientific file has been published on the subject yet.

He emphasised that one percent of the genetic code of the virus has changed but 99 percent remains the same.

“About 99% of the vaccine is enough for effectiveness. Because our vaccine is effective in a wide variety of positions,” he added.

The BioNTech chief executive said his company will investigate the UK mutation in the coming days.

The coronavirus strain has caused Covid-19 cases to rise in the UK, forcing the British government to impose the toughest measures in some parts of the country.

The country entered the Tier-4 lockdown, very similar to a full lockdown, for millions of people after saying the new variant causes a big rise in cases.

World nations closed their borders to the UK after the country’s prime minister announced the news of a more infectious coronavirus mutant.