MOH Denies Hospitals Turning Away Non-Covid-19 Patients

PETALING JAYA: The Health Ministry has denied that its hospitals are turning away non-Covid-19 patients due to an overcrowding of Covid-19 patients.

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah (pic) said such allegations were untrue, as they had set up Quarantine and Low Risk Treatment Centres (PKRC) for those who tested positive but did not display any symptoms or only had light symptoms such as cough.

He said that those with no symptoms or classified as stage one made up 79.7% of all cases, while those with light symptoms or stage two made up 13.8% of all cases.

“Those who are admitted into hospitals is a small number, ” he said to a question during a press conference on the Covid-19 situation on Wednesday (Dec 2).

Those considered to be in stage three made up 4.2% of cases, while those in the severe stage four and stage five made up 1.7% and 0.6% of all cases, said Dr Noor Hisham.

He said they did not have problems in treating both Covid-19 patients and non-Covid-19 patients.

Dr Noor Hisham said that out of their 147 hospitals nationwide, 45 of them were turned into hybrid hospitals that treated both Covid-19 patients and non-Covid-19 patients.

He said there were 14,754 beds in the PKRC.

“Even before the Covid-19 days, our hospitals were crowded. What is important is our management, ” he said.


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