CIDB Gets Tough to Avert Covid-19 Outbreak at Pahang Construction Sites

KUANTAN: Project developers and contractors in Pahang have been reminded to continuously adhere to the standard operating procedures in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at construction sites in the state.

Pahang Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) chairman Rozaiman Hassan said those who defy the SOPs, which are vital to ensure workers’ safety and deter Covid-19 transmission at construction sites, will be hit with a closure order.

He said the preventive measures at the sites include ensuring that all foreign workers undergo Covid-19 screening, recording body temperatures daily before workers are allowed into the site, and alerting the authorities in case workers display any symptoms.

“To ensure that project developers and contractors comply with the ruling, the CIDB has deployed its team to conduct random checks at construction sites and to further ensure workers fully abide by the SOPs, there are repeat site visits.

“Based on our system, 584 projects have been registered with us this year and we have inspected 439 projects which remain active till today. The remaining 145 projects have stopped either due to lack of manpower or shortage of construction materials,” he told reporters during a press conference at the state CIDB office here today.

Pahang Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) chairman Rozaiman Hassan. - NSTP/MOHD RAFI MAMAT
Pahang Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) chairman Rozaiman Hassan. – NSTP/MOHD RAFI MAMAT

Rozaiman said his team has so far conducted 145 repeat visits. He said his officers, with cooperation from the local councils, Social Security Organisation and police, will continue to monitor the project sites at all 11 districts in Pahang.

He said a total of 4,588 workers including 1,428 locals were registered to work at 439 construction sites in Pahang with Kuantan and Bentong being identified as the districts with the highest number of projects.

Rozaiman said to date, only two projects – construction of an apartment in Bentong and a road project in Maran – were issued with a 14-day stop work order after they were found have flouted the SOPs.

“The contractor in Bentong conducted the Covid-19 screening test for his workers but failed to declare it; while the project operator in Maran did not adhere to the SOPs after two workers tested positive. Both cases were recorded during the early days of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in May and June, respectively.

“The CIDB wants to ensure that the compliance rate at construction sites in Pahang remains high. It will be the responsibility of the employers to ensure workers under their care follow the SOPs at all times,” he said.


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