Covid-19: Not More Than 100 Congregation Members Allowed in Mosques, Surau in Sarawak, Says State Islamic Council

KUCHING, Nov 18 — Based on the current development of the Covid-19 pandemic in Sarawak, the Sarawak Islamic Council (MIS) has decided that the number of congregation members allowed for Friday and the five obligatory prayers in mosques and suraus should not exceed 100 people while maintaining physical distancing except the Sarawak Jamek Mosque which allows more than 200 people.

MIS in a statement today also decided that activities (talks/lectures/ Quran/Yasin recitation) are only allowed for the period between Maghrib to Isyak prayers.

Dining in mosques and surau is not permitted and it is recommended to provide packaged or “pack food” to take home, according to the statement.

MIS confirmed that it is not mandatory to perform the Friday Prayer for anyone if the Friday prayer congregation quota is not met and therefore only obligatory to perform the Zohor Fard prayer.

Apart from that, MIS also requested that the Mosque/Surau activities guidelines during and after the completion of the recovery movement control order (RMCO) continue to be complied with throughout the state of Sarawak and this directive is effective from November 19 until RMCO is declared over by the State Disaster Management Committee. — Bernama

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