Communications Ministry: Jasa Revival Vital in Covid-19 Era

KUALA LUMPUR: The revival of the Special Affairs Department (Jasa) which was given a proposed sum of RM85.5 million under the 2021 Budget is important and critical at a time when the country is dealing the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Communications and Multimedia Ministry also said Jasa would be rebranded according to its present function.

In a statement today, the ministry said Jasa would recruit officers and staff among qualified candidates and that they would be provided the necessary training to become skilled communication practitioners, especially in social and digital media communications.

“The ministry has been given the responsibility to lead the revival of Jasa, which is an agency to disseminate and communicate information according to the needs of the society.

“The spread of fake news that divides society, said the ministry, is one of the greatest challenges affecting us today.

“Jasa, as a government agency, which upholds the principles of Rukun Negara, has a role to play in establishing a united country through the dissemination of accurate and authentic information to the community,” read the statement.

The ministry explained that the allocation set aside for the revival of Jasa is for the recruitment of more staff, who will be deployed at all states and districts throughout the country.

In addition, the allocation would also be used to fund staff competency training and development modules as well as equip the department with digital infrastructure for the dissemination of all forms of communication to ensure the message reaches the community.

The ministry said the allocation proposed for the revival of Jasa under the 2021 Budget would also be used for operation costs for the movement of staff to far and interior areas as well as to fund others costs required for the establishment of the agency.

“The ministry was aware of the concerns among the people over the functions of Jasa under the previous administrations.

“However, the ministry would like to assure all the re-establishment of Jasa would involve teams with no political motives and that their only purpose is for the social development of society.

“Jasa will also be responsible to conduct engagements with stakeholders including civil society and local community leaders for constructive inputs for the development and progress of the nation,” it said.


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