PUTRAJAYA (Nov 4): All Tabika Perpaduan and Taska Genius Perpaduan in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and sub-district 12 of southwest Penang are to be closed after both areas were declared COVID-19 red zones by the Health Ministry.

The National Unity Ministry in a statement today said the order to close operations for Seremban starts from Nov 5-18, while for sub-district 12 in southwest Penang from Nov 6-19.

“The latest directive will involve the closure of 56 Perpaduan kindergartens in Seremban and 10 Perpaduan kindergartens in sub-district 12 as well as one Genius Perpaduan nursery in Seremban,” according to the statement.

It also reminded all the Ministry’s machinery  in the red zones to comply with health protocols and standard operating procedures stipulated by the MOH, the National Security Council as well as directives from the State governments.

Source: https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/covid19-kindergartens-nursery-seremban-penangs-southwest-subdistrict-12-close