Royal Selangor Golf Club Reports 4th Covid-19 Case

KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Selangor Golf Club (RSGC) has confirmed a fourth Covid-19 positive case involving a staff member at the clubhouse’s men’s changing room.

In a statement today, RSGC said the fourth case is a close contact of the club’s first case (C1) detected on Oct 24, and to their second case (C2) on Oct 26.

“(This case) is from the first batch of 48 staff and caddies who were in the close contact list of C1.

“They were all tested by the Health Ministry on Oct 28, and are all currently under home quarantine.”

RSGC said the men’s changing room has a high traffic flow and area of contact. It has advised those who used the facility between Oct 20 and 27 to get tested as a precautionary measure.

It said the Health Ministry, although satisfied with the standard operating procedures in place at RSGC, has also advised the club to remain closed until all 47 staff and caddies’ test results are released.

The club said it will conduct another deep sanitisation exercise on Nov 2 and 3, with only essential management and staff being present, while all other staff will work from home until further notice.

“On another note, we are happy to announce that the second batch of 410 staff, caddies and workers tested on Oct 30 has been found negative for Covid-19.

“We will continue to update members on further developments as we receive more information.”


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