Covid-19: ‘Weekend’ Husbands, Wives Allowed to Travel to Meet Spouses in Areas under Conditional MCO, Need Police Permission

PUTRAJAYA: “Weekend” husbands and wives are allowed to travel to meet up with their spouses who live in areas under the conditional movement control order (MCO), says Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

The Defence Minister said police permission is still needed before making the trip and they need to furnish proof that despite being married and having families, they are living apart and can only meet on certain days due to work commitments.

“This is the same standard operating procedure (SOP) that was in place when we enforced the nationwide conditional MCO in May.

“So, husbands and wives can cross state lines with police approval, ” he said on Tuesday (Oct 27).

Ismail Sabri also touched on roadblocks set up by various authorities, where on Monday (Oct 26), 310 vehicles were ordered to turn back for violating SOPs and coming up with unacceptable excuses for travelling.

He said that some were caught trying to get out of localities placed under enhanced MCO, which is not allowed unless in cases of emergency or deaths.

“Some had tried to cross areas that are placed under conditional MCO without obtaining police approval.

“I have mentioned several times that if travelling to areas under the conditional MCO was truly necessary, one must get police clearance.

“Without it, they will be stopped at roadblocks and authorities can take action against them, including forcing them to turn back, ” he said.

States with the highest number of cases where vehicles were ordered to turn back at roadblocks were Sabah (201), Johor (64) and Kuala Lumpur with 45 cases.


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