Covid-19: Indonesia Toll Rises to 9,336 Deaths, 236,519 Cases

Covid-19: Indonesia toll rises to 9,336 deaths, 236,519 cases

JAKARTA: Indonesia recorded 114 new Covid-19 fatalities yesterday, raising its death toll to 9,336.

In the same 24-hour period, 3,891 new coronavirus cases were registered, pushing the republic’s caseload to 236,519.

Meanwhile, 104,866 people are being monitored for the disease.

According to the Indonesian government’s Covid-19 website¬†, Jakarta province has registered the highest number of cases at 59,840; while East Java has the highest death toll at 2,922, followed by Jakarta (1,517), Central Java (1,203), South Kalimantan (394), North Sumatera (389) and South Sulawesi (387).


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