Covid-19: Miri Mayor Raises Alert after 13 New Suspected Cases Reported in City

Miri Mayor Adam Yii (white uniform) wants swift action as 13 new Covid-19 suspected cases have surfaced in the city. – Stephen Then pic

MIRI: The sudden emergence of 13 new Covid-19 patients-under-investigation (PUIs) in Miri over the past 24 hours has raised alarm bells.

Miri mayor Adam Yii called for swift countermeasures following the 13 new PUIs recorded by health authorities in Miri over the past day.

When contacted Thursday (July 16), he said he was concerned about the real possibility of a second wave of infections.

A PUI is a patient with Covid-19-like symptoms such as high fever, shortness of breath and physical weaknesses.

Yii said all the relevant authorities in Miri needed to react swiftly.

“The number of sudden new PUI cases is high. This is a worrying development.

“I will get my enforcement teams to liaise with the police and health department to go to the ground and enforce social distancing very strictly without any delays.

“The city council has also issued written directives to food outlets on the compulsory wearing of face masks and all vital hygiene measures,” he said.

Miri has seen two deaths and 24 positive cases of Covid-19 so far.

The State Disaster Relief Management Committee confirmed that 13 new PUIs were recorded in Miri over the past 24 hours.

Miri Hospital has not provided any latest updates whether these 13 new PUIs are locals or outsiders.

PUIs are usually admitted to hospitals designated as Covid-19 treatment hubs for two weeks while tests are carried out.

Miri Hospital is one of four hospitals in Sarawak designated by the Health Ministry as a Covid-19 treatment centre.

The others are Sarawak General Hospital in Kuching, Bintulu Hospital and Sibu Hospital.

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