2 GLCs Identified to Bottle Covid-19 Vaccine, Says KJ

KUALA LUMPUR: Two government-linked companies (GLC) which are also pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities have been identified to do the “fill and finish” process for the Covid-19 vaccine once it’s available.

Fill and finish refers to the bottling and packaging aspects of a vaccine when it has been developed.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said the two companies are Pharmaniaga and Duopharma Biotech Berhad.

“The two companies have told the government that they are willing to take stock production and prioritise it for the Covid-19 vaccine when it is available.

“This is how the private sector is working with us to ensure that the vaccine will quickly reach the people. If we have the capacity, we will also offer our fill and finish service to other countries.

“We are not developing our own vaccine and we have been told that the bottleneck when it comes to vaccine distribution is at the ‘fill and finish’ level.

“We will purchase the vaccine in bulk, in liquid form before it is dispersed into its respective vials before distribution,” he told a press conference at the Parliament building here today.

He added that once the Health Ministry has identified the best vaccine, the government will purchase it and it will be his ministry’s responsibility to have it packaged.

After it has been bottled, Khairy said the Health Ministry will then begin distributing it to the public.

Source: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2020/07/608625/2-glcs-identified-bottle-covid-19-vaccine-says-kj

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