Dr Sim Urges Those Exposed to COVID-19 to Get Tested at Designated Government Clinics

Local Government and Housing Minister of Sarawak, Dato Sri Dr. Sim Kui Hian has advised individuals who think they have been infected with Covid-19 to go for screening at a designated government health clinic. At present, five government health clinics here are conducting Covid-19 screening and one of them is Petra Jaya Health Clinic, which opens on weekends.

“Health clinics do not open on weekends but Petra Jaya Health Clinic does now because the virus is still around, it opens just in case tests are required. They urge those who are exposed to step forward and do not need to wait for phone calls. You play a part in contact tracing, do not say that ‘Oh, they don’t call, so I can hide’.” There is nothing to fear. It is not a stigma. If you’re infected with the virus, it’s not because you want to get infected with it. We want you to be safe,” he said when met by reporters during a blood donation campaign at Dewan Masyarakat here today.

Dr. Sim said there were cases involving Sarawakian students returning from abroad who were tested Covid-19 negative at Kuala Lumpur International Airport but tested positive for the virus when they arrived home. He pointed out that this is why the Sarawak government had ordered these returning students to undergo quarantine at designated places rather than at their respective homes. “We are protecting the parents because if they (students) quarantine at home, their parents may get infected. Their sons and daughters are young, maybe okay, but they are old. They know there is an inconvenience and we are not trying to make your life difficult. It is not because we don’t love your children, we want you to be alive.

He also appealed to the business sector to strictly adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOP) or risk facing closure. According to Dr. Sim, the Sarawak government has been paying for the costs of Covid-19 screening and accommodation provided for individuals undergoing the 14-day mandatory quarantine. In Sarawak, he said those returning from overseas would need to take a swab test on the second day and a second test on the 10th day.

Source: https://www.theborneopost.com/2020/07/12/dr-sim-urges-those-exposed-to-covid-19-to-get-tested-at-designated-govt-clinics/

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