Covid-19: Rise in Unemployment will Lead to Higher Crime Rates, Says Lee Lam Thye

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians have been urged not to take their safety for granted.

Lee said this was because as seen globally, high unemployment rates go hand-in-hand with crime.”More criminal activities may happen especially since interstate travel is allowed and with the lifting of roadblocks by the police as the country returns to normalcy.

“This will certainly be one of the factors that should be considered in the fight against crime as people who are unemployed are fighting for their survival.”They then would naturally get involved with criminal activities (when they are unable to feed themselves).

“I think we have got to grapple with this problem as we move on (return to normalcy),” he said toThe Staron Saturday (June 13).He said with the lack of security and crime prevention awareness in society, the MCPF has for the past 26 years been mapping out strategies for crime prevention.

He said MCPF has been implementing programmes to create awareness among the public to remind them not to take their safety for granted.He also said that only a”small percentage” of crimes are committed by undocumented migrants in this country.

He noted that most crimes were committed by locals rather than undocumented migrants.”Those who commit crimes are mainly the locals. In general, I can say that the crimes committed by foreigners (undocumented migrants) is much lesser than the crimes committed by locals,” he said.

Lee said this in reference to The Star’s exclusive report that Kuala Lumpur has the highest index crime per capita of any district in the country due to its population density and higher incomes that attract criminal elements.Bukit Aman Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department director Comm Datuk Zainal Abidin Kasim had said in the report that among the factors that contributed to Kuala Lumpur’s crime rate was due to a crowded population, influx of immigrants, negligence and carelessness, as well as lack of security and crime prevention awareness among residents.

Lee agreed that crime happens more in populated areas as there are more victims to be targeted.He added that criminals too were generally more interested in breaking a house in the middle to upper income neighbourhoods as they believed there were more valuables in those houses.



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