Coronavirus Update: One New Case of Covid-19

There is one new confirmed case of coronavirus on Sunday.

The case is linked to the Rosewood rest home cluster in Christchurch, as a household contact of an earlier case.

This means New Zealand’s combined total of confirmed and probable cases is 1,499, of which 1,149 are confirmed cases.

There are now 1,433 people reported as having recovered from Covid-19, up five since yesterday.

Two people are also receiving hospital-level care, one in Auckland hospital, the other in Middlemore hospital. Neither is in ICU.

Saturday saw 4,211 tests completed, brining the total number of tests to 228,148.

The country has had very low numbers in recent weeks, including several days of no new cases.

Last week saw three new cases announced on Monday and a single new case announced on Friday with the rest of the week remaining free of new cases.

The last time the combined total of new and confirmed cases cracked double digits was the 18th of April, when there were thirteen new confirmed and probable cases.

Government officials have been keen to remind the public that New Zealand still remains at risk of another outbreak of Covid-19.

Friday’s single case belonged to the cluster linked to Marist College in Auckland. The person had first had symptoms nearly two months ago and had previously tested negative. The were only found during follow-up testing of the school community.

Director-general of health Ashley Bloomfield said the case reinforced the “long tail” of the outbreak in New Zealand.

“While we do not consider this case to be infectious, it does demonstrate once again that we must stay vigilant.

“Covid-19 will continue to linger, so we need to keep consistently doing the things which will help keep all New Zealanders safe and allow us to continue to relax restrictions,” Bloomfield said.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health had guidelines for those feeling anxious about a return to work and school on Monday.

“These feelings are completely normal. It’s ok to notice that it feels different and to reach out to someone to talk about it or to look for useful tips and guidance online, ” a statement said.

There is a range of different resources available on the Ministry of Health website.


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