Business Owners Not Taking Chances by Taking Extra Precautions to Reduce The Risk of Covid-19 Transmission among Customers and Workers

JOHOR BARU: Business owners here are taking extra precautions to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission among customers and workers.

Restaurant owner Tjia Mui Mui, 51, said that apart from following the government’s standard operating procedure, she had also taken other safety measures to protect her workers.

“I only allow two or three of my workers to work to avoid the kitchen from being too crowded.

“Since the number of customers is still relatively low now, we are able to operate with less manpower,” she said.

She added that all workers were required to wash their hands regularly and wear a face mask when interacting with customers.

Meanwhile, self-service laundry operator Khairul Izuan Ishak, 39, said he had limited the number of people allowed in his outlet at any one time.

“I limit the number to only three at one time.

“Customers are willing to comply and most prefer waiting for their clothes in their car instead of inside the shop,” he said.He added that apart from preparing hand sanitisers for customers, he would also clean the shop three times every day.

Tailor and shop owner Jamil Sukaimi, 50, said he encouraged customers collecting their orders to call ahead before dropping by.

“Once they arrive, one of us would pass the item through the door and they do not have to enter my shop,” he said.

He also limits the number of walk-in customers to three at one time.


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