Covid-19 Easily Kills Malaysian Men than Women Statistics Shows

NOT a secret yet, over the years and almost worldwide statistics have found that men are generally shorter in age than women. In addition, men are also highly prone to various chronic diseases such as heart and cancer.

The coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 seems to follow the same pattern. Statistics in most countries around the world have found that the number of men with the virus outbreaks is higher than that of Eve.

In fact, the death toll of the Covid-19 criminals on average is about twice as high as that of women.

From China, to France, Italy, Denmark, Iran to Germany, the pattern is similar.

According to statistics released by The Wall Street Journal at the end of March, the death rates of Covid-19 male patients in Italy and Denmark reached 71 percent compared to 29 percent of female patients.

The report however did not disclose data in the United States. However, according to a Vox Media portal report, in New York alone since April 9, according to the death toll of 6,200 people, 60 percent are Covid-19 male patients.

Based on these and current statistics in the country, the death rate of Covid-19 male patients in Malaysia is the highest in the world compared to other countries.

According to statistics yesterday with 77 recorded Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia, 59 deaths occurred in male patients while only 18 in female patients.

This means that in terms of percentage, the mortality rate for male patients in Malaysia is 76.6 percent compared to 23.4 percent.

The question now is why Covid-19 is not only easier to spread among men, it has led to the death of many heads of families in the world, especially in Malaysia.

Commenting on the Covid-19 trends by gender, Sunway Medical Center Velocity Specialist in Kuala Lumpur, Dr Nurul Yaqeen Mohd Esa said there were many factors contributing to similar statistical patterns across the country.

Dr Nurul Yaqeen lists the six key factors: immunization level, men’s unhealthy lifestyle, estrogen hormone benefits, hand washing discipline, speed of treatment and the benefits of X chromosome in women.

“On average, women have a more efficient immune system than men. The estrogen hormone, which is one of the main hormones in women, also helps provide protection against viral infections to women.

“Also, women have more X chromosomes than men. This X chromosome is responsible for generating important components in the immune system against viral infections, ”he told Rays recently.

Smoking risk

In addition, women’s health awareness and discipline is higher as they prefer to wash hands and seek treatment in the event of a specific symptom.

“More and more people are exposed to this disease because most of them work outdoors and often gather outside.

“Social science studies have also shown that men usually take it easy on their illnesses. Men find it difficult to see a doctor for treatment in the early stages of symptoms.

“Most men often see a doctor after being in the middle or late stage of a disease, which is when the disease is already serious or difficult to control,” he said.

When talking about men’s unhealthy lifestyle, Dr Nurul Yaqeen mentioned two words – smoking and alcohol!

More men die from Covid-19 crime than women.
More men die from Covid-19 disease than women.

This may be the best time for smokers to rethink their smoking habits, which is now recognized by world medical experts as increasing the risk of the Covid-19 outbreak.

“More men who smoke and drink alcohol (five times more than women) have lowered their immune system. Thus, they are more likely to develop serious Covid-19 infections that result in death.

“Smoking can also cause the virus to pass from hand to mouth through cigarettes. The SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 disease also tends to invade the lungs as it has an abundant angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE-2) receptor in the lungs and respiratory tract.

“Smokers also often suffer from diseases such as lung cancer and chronic obstructive respiratory tract disease that cause the effects of Covid-19 to worsen if they are infected with the disease,” he said.

Data from the journal Epidemiological and Clinical Features of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in China also acknowledged coronary heart disease among men in China.

Studies show that lung smokers have more ACE-2 receptors than non-smokers. This ACE-2 receptor is considered to be the site of coronavirus virus because the SARS-CoV protein binds strongly to ACE-2 to enter human lung cells.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Public Health Specialist Association President Datuk Dr Zainal Ariffin Omar also admitted smoking habits that boost ACE-2 receptors in the respiratory tract attract the Covid-19 virus to infect people.

“Most smokers are more likely to be infected and to die Covid-19, because smokers have less healthy lungs.

“In addition to low body immunity for smoking, smokers’ lungs also have higher ACE-2 receptors that attract Covid-19.

“However, other factors that are highly suspected individuals of Covid-19 include individuals with chronic illnesses, heart disease, obesity and excessive exposure outside the home,” he told Sinar Daily.

Agreeing on the government’s decision not to allow the operation of a barber shop that poses a risk for the Covid-19 outbreak, Dr Zainal said the scissors shop could increase the number of men infected and killed by coronaviruses.

What’s more, there have been several cases of clusters of haircuts overseas for cutting hair on Covid-19 patients.


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