Managing stress effectively: tips for working women to cope with the CPP period at home

For women undergoing the Movement Control (CPP) period at home, they especially work from home (WFH) have to face some challenges. This is because these working-class women need to take care of their younger children and also manage their online learning for other preschoolers. Although many women and mothers out there have husbands who help out, there are still some who have to manage their own household and home affairs because the husband also has to perform WFH duties or be the front line for Covid 19.

The bigger challenge is faced by women who are single mothers. It is not an easy task for women to manage office tasks, to care for young children and to manage the home school with children at the same time. All of these tasks and responsibilities can be stressful to yourself if not handled properly. The following are some tips for managing your life and reducing stress throughout the CPP period.

Management of office work from home

  1. Get up early in the morning and start your task before your little ones wake up and start active.
  2. Make sure you have a place to do office work. Preschoolers also need space for learning. Not necessarily a special room, you can work or study in the kitchen or in the living room at the least comfortable convenience.
  3. Ready to work flexibly. Don’t stress yourself out, be prepared to take a moment to interact with your child and spouse while working to keep your relationship with them.
  4. Keep your focus. If you can’t focus on completing eight hours of office work as usual in the office, don’t worry it’s normal, at least some of it works. Do it flexibly, reduce stress by working while listening to radio broadcasts or reading information from the internet to stay current. In this way productivity of labour can still be maintained. Remember not to expect too much perfection.
  5. Take time to rest for at least 15 minutes every two or three hours. In addition to lunch, you can do movements such as walking to move the muscles. This will reduce the tension after you have been working for a long time in front of a computer.
  6. Stop when your work is done and focus on your family.

Management of children and families

  1. For those with small children, don’t think about perfection. That perfection is good but being too perfect can sometimes put pressure on yourself and other family members. It is normal for the home to be in a hurry for a while, letting the children play while they are not harming themselves.
  2. Keep your child busy with their activities. Plan a variety of children’s activities so that they focus on the activity at least during your important work. For example, you can download videos from the internet or make flour dough for children to play with.
  3. Teach children to help with household chores. Children as young as four can be taught to store toys after they have played.
  4. Children over seven years old can help you with household chores such as rubbing, washing and washing clothes and more.
  5. Create a schedule of activities in addition to the daily study schedule of the school children. Make sure they also get up early in the morning such as school day and start daily chores and study early in the morning. Teach them to review the school work by the teachers that need to be prepared. Review their work once your office work is done.
  6. Teach kids to prepare their own food or help you prepare food with easy cooking.
  7. If your child is young and unable to help, do chores such as washing and cooking at night and getting some help from the husband. Husband and wife need to work together. You can also cook them in bulk and store them in the freezer; you just need to heat them to serve when needed. This saves you time.
  8. Teach children their age by using simple and safe kitchen appliances like Airfyer . Prepare ready-to-eat foods like bread and teach them at least they can fry eggs. This will reduce the reliance on you especially in the crucial moments when you need to complete office work.

Do not make this CPP period a period of stress. Good time management and work will give you comfort no matter where you work.

By: Prof. Madya Dr Munzilah Md. Spiritual

Tun Hussein Onn University Malaysia


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