COVID-19: 19 Wisdom of the Movement Control Order to be Shared with the Community


How do you feel at home during this period of the Movement Control Order (MCO)? Hope everyone is in good shape and healthy environment. Here I share 19 MCO wisdom for our reflection.

1. Appreciate the Time
Often we are busy with day-to-day tasks either at the office or at home. The lengthy period of the MCO is the time to make the most of it. Take advantage of this time by doing good things for yourself and others.

2. Appreciate Yourself
Even for a moment, value yourself by doing hobbies and activities at home. If possible you can also reward yourself and your family by buying things online. This is a very good and rare time for you to appreciate yourself. Your self is so precious, so appreciate it.

3. Appreciate Partner and Kids
Couples and the kids were home all these days during MCO. The husband can see for himself how his wife works endlessly at home from early morning until late at night. The same goes for kids who help with housework by cleaning rooms, throwing away garbage and more. Cherish them by giving a surprise of preparing food or gifts. You will be able to see how happy they are who have not been outside of the house for so long; something that never happened before. Cherish them and they will appreciate you.

4. Cherish Parents and Siblings More
For those who still have parents, this is a wonderful time to be in touch with the most precious person, whether by phone or video call. They are very lonely and miss their children and grandchildren. And so did the other siblings, who were previously busy with their daily tasks. The bond between family can further deepen during the MCO period, share stories and express what you feel.

5. Appreciate Family Pray Together.
Those who regularly pray in the mosque or the ‘surau’ surely will be missing the moments with other congregations, though they may be replaced by their own family members who may not have done so before. Imagine the eldest son making a prayer call and the second child being the ‘imam’ and finishing the family prayer with ‘doa’. Lots of memories, especially the little ones who just learned to pray. It’s so sweet to see all the antics with a variety of characters not found out there.

6. Appreciate Cleanliness and Health
All mass media shows how important it is to maintain personal and family hygiene with a variety of handwashing, face-covering and so on. Almost all premises will take body temperature before they can enter, which has never happened before. A variety of health-related tips and advice, healthy foods including exercise at home are easy to find and can be practiced for the good of the family. Everyone is very concerned about food, hygiene, and health including mass media and social media channels.

7. Appreciate Your Neighbor / Friend
In a residential area or in a village, everyone is very concerned about the health of their neighbors. Likewise, if there are neighbors or friends who are quarantined, they will ask for their well-being and reach out to help. Everyone updating their daily activities on social media status to be shared with others.

8. Appreciate the Government / Employer
Government employees including retirees receiving good news from the government through the Prime Minister in the PRIHATIN Economic Stimulus Package which provides both direct and indirect remuneration and is well received by employers. Many facilities are available including a sharp drop in petrol prices. Indirectly, political status and debate can be greatly reduced.

9. Appreciate Doctors, Nurses, and Employees of Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)
The Malaysian Prime Minister in his speech recently paid a high tribute to MOH personnel, the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) and volunteers who are in the front liners of the country. They have sacrificed their time, energy and lives for the country. Many people also appreciate them in many ways and share them in social media too. Their roles and contributions are too numerous to count.

10. Appreciate Police, ATMs, RELA and Volunteers.
It is often shown that security personnel such as police and army who have been in control during the MCO have shown a high degree of professionalism despite working under heavy rain and heat in the wake of various public attitudes. There are also many viral videos that showed their patience with Malaysians who persuade them and give them excuses to move.

11. Opportunities to Spread Love With Spouse And Kids
During the MCO period, we have to be at home 24 hours and seven days a week unless allowed to leave for important matters only. Focusing on the couple and their children will give birth to a generation that loves both parents. Couples also have more time together and relationships become closer.

12. Opportunity to Perform Prayer Earlier at Home
It was a bit awkward for Azan to be done at home, and now it has become a routine for almost every Muslim family especially children. They will be more comfortable shouting the call before fulfilling their five-hour obligations. Being home all the time has given us the opportunity to pray early. Take this opportunity of the MCO to hasten the rights of God.

13. Opportunities to Read / Memorize Quran / Books
Opportunities to read the Quran including memorizing many important chapters need to be fully embraced by Muslims, and we will be celebrating the glorious month of Ramadan soon. Many books or collections of books are unreadable, so this is a valuable time to review the book. Gloom reading campaigns can be strengthened during this time.

14. Opportunities to Give to the Needy
It is well known that there are many people in the country who need help either due to poverty, chronic illness, deprivation or loss of income. We see a lot of people helping out at the community level, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and companies and government agencies. Take this opportunity to contribute as much as you can to ease their burden. Educate your children with gratitude for the benefits they receive and inculcate caring for those in need.

15. Opportunities For Exercise / Recreation With Families At Home
There are too many home-based exercise videos that can be shared with family members. There was no reason to be inactive during the MCO period. Without equipment, we still can produce sweat to be healthier and happier by exercising at home. Indirectly we will continue to stay healthy, healthier with easy activities and happily together.

16. Opportunities To Work From Home with More Creativity And Innovative
Today many parties including government departments, companies and the education sector including universities and schools direct their staff to work from home. If you had to meet face-to-face-to-face meetings and classes, it could now be just a virtual event. With state-of-the-art technology, many platforms can be used for that purpose to keep things and classes running. There is no reason not to demand knowledge during this time.

18. Opportunities To Discover New Businesses And Use Full Online Applications
If small businessmen have been running their businesses on a regular basis, now why not turn to the concept of online business instead? The use of cashless transactions is gaining popularity among Malaysians through digital applications. Indirectly, IT and digital literacy rates continue to rise rapidly.

19. Opportunities for Self-reflection
The only important spiritual opportunities are self-reflection, self-reliance, and relationship with the Almighty. There are so many transformations that can take place during and after the MCO period. Tap your chest and ask your own faith.

This sharing is expected to give us space to think for a moment, to reflect on all the benefits and wisdom behind the trials and tribulations. The COVID-19 pandemic is a test and even a HIKMAH for us. We can break this epidemic.

Written by:

Professor Dr. Yusri Yusof

Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)


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