For COVID-19 Management, UTHM Apply 3K Principles to Care for Students

Batu Pahat: the plague-19 outbreak of the country gives a direct effect to operations at university and among the impressed is the main place of the main holder is the student. When the prime minister of Malaysia announces the order of movement control (Pkp) starting March 18 and is now extended until 14 April 2020, many things need more research.

In order to ensure student welfare continues to be a priority, student and Alumni Affairs Team (HEPA) LED by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student and Alumni Affairs), Madya professor Dr. Afandi Ahmad formulated the 3 K Formula as the main framework of the synergy between all parties, referring to the welfare component, wellness, and safety of students. The aspects of welfare refer to the basic needs of students which are accommodation, food, and drinks, while wellness refers to the daily lifestyle and safety components refer to the movement of students to remain obeyed by PKP orders.

In order to deal with the outbreak of the plague, almost 2300 students at UTHM Parit Raja campus and Pagoh branch campus are at the center of accommodation while in some residential college. Their welfare is managed with integrity and dedication by the officers. Among the food distribution process is scheduled to be implemented in residential colleges including students without hostel (PTA) living in rental houses, LED by the principal, fellows, Assistant Assistant, volunteers and student Leadership Council (MKP). UTHM is very thankful to the ministry of higher education (KPT) who always cares about student affairs as well as to various parties and other agencies that continue to give donations to ensure student welfare and wellness always guaranteed.

Meanwhile, the aspect of mental health and moral support is also given by the line of counselors either through the phone and also the WhatsApp group app other than being assisted by the principal and fellows. To improve the wellness of students staying at the temporary accommodation, internet access capabilities are also improved besides performing some online activities. This step aims to allow the time to be filled better with beneficial activities in the side of forming a fit mind. Student Representative Ceremony (Mpp) with MKP playing shoulder activities among students throughout the period.

Professor Datuk ts Dr. Wahid Razzaly who is now doing the Vice-Chancellor task is always taking care of 3 k among these students. In line with the student’s empowerment agenda, the MPP president was elected together in the COVID crisis committee-19 UTHM. This way, any student s’ opinion in connection with 3 k aspect can continue to be implemented in continuous quality improvements (CQI).

These 3 k related efforts will continue to be refined to ensure student life on campus even during this challenging period in a regular condition. This is also very important to worry about parent s’ worries because their children’s welfare, wellness, and safety are always the priority of the UTHM.


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